Bags and clothing color matching skills

  • Posted by zenma baa
  • May 4, 2013 1:10 AM PDT

With several fresh colors suitable bag which means that your overall shape Michael Kors iPhone Caseslook light and lively. Bags not merely are you a location to store items, but in addition your current shape of the flavors in the compass.

Tools / materials

The bag tree fashion women packing play

Step / methods

1."A similar color" with the law: Michael Kors Walletsbags and clothes were deep and shallow concentrating on the same color, you can produce a very elegant feel, including:

2."Contrast color" with all the law: bags and clothes can also be a robust contrasting colors, this might be an incredibly eye-catching combination of methods. For example: black suits + red belt + red bag + black high heels.

3."Neutral colors +1 dotted color" while using law: that's neutral color clothing in addition to embellishment color bag, with the excellent, example: light tan dress + sky blue bag + tan high heel shoes.

4. aclothes printing color echo while using law: Michael Kors Messengerthe color with the bags could possibly be the clothes printing a color, for example: olive green base, beige, brown print dress + brown bag + brown high heel shoes.

Note need to remember in front of the back or carrying bag in line with exactly what the full-length mirror, take a little time to view the complete shape, take a look at the bags and systemic clothing easily and go out every beauty and charm has to be throughout the day with you in conjunction