Ancestor of Tang Men

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Antecedent Tip: A few years ago, any card, and many rich kids southern harbor dreams of youth, like, hesitate to put the Snowy Mountains Shader Wang Wu sects. His goodness, gifted, stuck in front of Wu, wanted to have a bright future. But I do not know that he is just a pawn in the hands of Wu. Evidence for any moon maid love Wu insisted apprenticeship down, the result is killed. Long after, that is, the moon and Wu Na to concubine. Two years later, what card flow inadvertently learned friend Don truth, do not wish to become a Wu instruments of death fake oakleys, desperate to escape Snowy night. However, from the date of his departure, followed him to kill has not stopped ... (see my article "Deadly hidden weapon")

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Green original inn.
The night was deep.
Lift the front of the inn banner motionless like a dead snake.
No wind.
Quiet night.
Tang stream bed clothes. A sword lying around. According to the hilt his right hand, seems ready to give up Thunder Clap.
Sleep his furrowed brow. More than four months of desperate living so he can not get a moment of peace.

Suddenly began to move out of the banner.
Wind up.
Tang stream suddenly awakened.
Chill lightning flock to heart.
Tang sword shed a grasp of consciousness, leaping from the window frames.

This is a courtyard off the binary inn.
Fit perfectly on the roof, Don saw a strange shadow flow do not know when it floated into the inn.
Shadow of the tall, tall seems very stiff, like most of the puppet. His feet touch the ground, but did not actually walk the slightest sound. Is a human or a ghost? Tang flu have cold sweat to the palms emerge.
Puppet characters who came to room No. 6.
Knock on the door.
Pound, pound ... ... light and a long, very penetrating.
Who? Who? There are things so late? A middle-aged man's voice.
Pound, pound ... ...
WHACK! Bolt open.
Damn, this Who ...?
Squeak dumb ... ... the door just opened a crack, the voice of middle-aged man is life and life twist off.
His death not want to believe -
A length of green wood turned into his crack Oakley Radar Range Sunglasses Black, grabbed his throat to ... ...

Don flow away in a small town on the road.
Long period of exile made him develop a sense of unusual sensitivity, another narrow escape.
However, the puppets in the end?
That middle-aged man was not martial arts.
He certainly is directed at their own past.

Against the failure of middle-aged man to the ground, blood spill from the mouth.
Puppeteer startled by startled, looked up on a slight ring of the porter house number.
6, where the word swaying.
Digital intermediate peg nails do not know when already relaxed.
This room is actually the original: and the word 9.

Wu suddenly the files shot on the table.
Idiot! Are a bunch of incompetent idiots!
Explorer often shocked. He carefully said that the main door, or a trip to the Central Plains ... I personally ...
Looked at him Xiezhuo Yan Wu, Changsheng you say, you go to?
Winners of the atmosphere is not out, nodded and said, I go ...
Oh, you think your martial spirit than Aoki How? Wu asked.
This ... ... This is of course not as, in addition to owners and Snow Luhe front door, I guess no one is Ha Ling Aoki ... ... victorious opponent thought oakley sunglasses, then replied.
Ah, your a good judge, Wu nodded commendable in that case, you go is good. Moreover, I want to retreat two days a month, if you went to the door, who managed to do it ... ... Tang martial arts stream is not high, but the effort variable, extremely cunning. Aoki spiritual character impatient, I remind him to pay more attention should be no serious problem of the ... ...
Wise the main door! Winners of praise, but my mind took a deep breath.
Ah, you first withdraw it. Wu thought Road.
Yes! Changsheng bowed, slowly out of the study.
Changsheng gone, Wu picked up a throw on the table files. Densely filled with Tang on file for five months to the story flow.
Wu into the thinking. He did not think of Don Ha stream to kill either annihilated or nine largely flopped. In fact, flows from the mountains coach Don the moment, in the eyes of his Wu Tang stream is not a worthy object. His talent is not high, not hard to learn, what evidence is and have a good time, there are some small smart. But why he can escape his hand Sanfanliangci? Why?
Thought of this, he was a little upset with my heart. He put down the volume, out of the study.
Guo Liang! Wu shouted.
Its in! What orders the main door! The guy came in front of a Jingzhuang asked.
Allow his wife to come look at my room! Wu said.
Yes! Guo Liang turned away.
Watched him leave in a hurry, a trace of strange floating Wu mouth can not help but smile.

Gurgling streams, green grass, flowers are blooming. From time to time came the crisp sound of birds.
"Mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain, the mountain air Rixi good, birds phase also." Tang boarded the summit when the flow has nearly late afternoon.
Looking at mountains and beautiful natural scenery, he suddenly envious of Tao to. Jie Lu here, away from the blood and kill, entertain, then why not a new life?
However, Wu will let myself?
Tang stream shook his head replica oakleys, went straight to the stream.
He knelt down to drink water is prepared. Few times in front of wind suddenly abnormal sound, four Jinjian piercing from. Three Zhijian points to take the first chest and abdomen, another is sealed Tang stream retreat.
Don Flow is less than up, shouted, waved his left hand, sword in the oncoming fastest split on the arrows. While the right hand throw the scabbard, broke a Yu Jian, a roll back in place, to avoid the other two Jinjian Kankan.
This is what you call success? Power beetles get out now! Ha ha ha!
The jungle came a nine to one. Right side of the four dressed in yellow, carrying sword. Yi left and four brilliant clothing and holding a strong bow, waist collapse quiver. Another stand in the middle, especially prominent, was surprised that the night before the days of puppets seen in the inn.