Tonight, I will miss spilled over the floor

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  • October 10, 2011 6:52 PM PDT

Night fog, surrounded by quiet enough to hear the wind whistling. I once again leaning on the window, looking out the window crimson sky, feel the night quietly bleak. Rain atmosphere, gradually filled the entire space, and seems to want to wake up tomorrow to remind me Oakley Polarized Straight Jacket Sunglasses, the earth will be it baptism, is it moist, it will be a new beginning, a new journey.
Qianzhi every one of them will finally banish the deep sea in the rough. When I stood Bedok pier, had fine weather, a long time not see the moon, and finally re-suspended in the quiet overflow of the night sky. Not the new moon, but not the full moon as a mirror, but still bright, still tender. Saw it, my heart filled with joy, as if to see a long-lost friends. I am speechless gazing at it, thinking, you are under the same piece of sky, facing the moon, think I side. Lonely moon, no stars and it Zhenghui children, was extremely lonely, extremely quiet, but more desolate Li.
Face of fluctuating ocean, I open the heart, feeling the sea breeze touching, bathed in soft moonlight, filled with your image. I looked carefully for each tender paper cranes, pious silence in my heart for your prayers, and then flying them one by one. Only one eye looking at the paper cranes stretching wings, with the sea breeze, flying in the air for a while, gradually falls sea, wave by wave, slowly Piaoyuan, away from my eyes, I feel a burst of happy, while calm. I know that the group of paper cranes, will my heartfelt blessing, traveling at sea, brought to every corner of the world, protect you. And you, no matter where you are, in a high wind beating in the darkness every time, whether the sections of the affection I feel, the endless thoughts?
Accidents will happen, suddenly, Hongxia swept from a far place, red sky, covered the moon, seems to flush your face, exciting, but also set off bursts of melancholy heart. With the clouds to, is that the roaring wind, through the window into the room, attack on the heart replica oakleys, a real sense of atmosphere Wind, blowing chaotic thoughts. So, thoughts like leaves from the branches, like petals Fei Xu, wind, scattered over the floor.
Thoughts, like cherry chestnut, once the wrap, could not escape. When it attacks, it will stir up the hearts of raging desire to go through a painful struggle, tangle and hold in place between. When can not stand, it will burst into tears, unable to stop. The most frightening thing is that I do not know when it will attack, so that no matter what, or sitting, or lying, or walking, or lingered at the crossroads, sleep or eat, work or play , will be in the moment you think in the end what is being done. Especially hit me Duwusiren circumstances, would rush to miss, not to resist.
Silent night, silent in the shadow of the earth, playing a lonely song. Never sleep in it, always quiet sleep, I waited at the side, rummaging through with me, along with search atrium, turned over the drawers, looking for your bit by bit, chasing yesterday's yesterday. But for whom time had not stayed as a result, never fail to recover yesterday, but a waste of yesterday's tomorrow.
Has folds of memory, the shuttle in the time tunnel, passing many places we have visited. Those trees, those leaves, those winds, which rain, those corners, the spouses of the soft, intoxicating whisper those who interlinked hearts, those silent stare, affectionate embrace those who moved to tears, every one of them emerged in the front of every one of them hurt my heart.
Heartache, the air seems invisible, invisible, intangible, but surly there. It, like ants crawling in my heart like, squirming and moving, chewing my heart, is itching tough, but is worth the pain. Tear the heart, only to be tearing their hear groans. However painful, no treatment, other times only make the wound slowly, it gradually heal.
Can not wait for dawn, the sky can not wait for floating down the rain, rain. Rain fell, just to meet my wet eyes. Light rain hit the window, blurring the outside world, tears blurred my vision was. I, endless stretches of thoughts, had not been broken up rain fake oakley sunglasses, rain had not been curbed.
Suddenly, the thought of "evil" of the situation took drugs, the love of beauty and pain described as the most fitting. Love like love flowers, a distance is extremely bright, recently learned that reveal fragrant. But once the touch, believe, will be covered in flowers of prickly feelings hurt, unaware. Only when the strings are struck that part of my heart, it will affect the hearts of toxins, you'd rather die. The only contains other toxic Gelsemium elegans, flowers struggle to unlock the situation, fire with fire.
Love it not so? Only heartbroken, discard the root of all love, can only breakthrough, of feathers into a butterfly, looking more beautiful flowers.
Rain gradually stopped, the wind basis, the leaves are covered with a cold rain. Lights the shadow cast on the slippery road, give me a clear sense, a brand new feeling.
Out a cigarette, lit it, and accompanied by a bottle of cold beer, drunk himself in this desolate night. Today is your birthday, but I do not have this blessing, and sat in the moonlight with you, breakdown of the last few days of hard work, luck and you do not share a quiet dinner, always a regret. But I can go it alone against the sky as black as ink, against flying rain, against the breeze smile, a bottle of bitter beer product, write a wish your heart, read your articles for some poetry, woven into my miss, I care.
Red Dust, a big crowd, and you can Xiangxi a friend, can be considered fate. Although not in love with you forever bath, nor can you shelter, but at least I can will your every thoughts, their faith in the Qianzhi, the far bless you.
Someone once told me, miss a painful, painful to miss a person is happy. Some people do this to me said, remembering a happy pain. So, I tangled in between happiness and pain, memory and give up in between the wandering, journeying wrapped around wrapped around, muddle, wasted a lot of time. Like you, only sweeter, and pain.
Together parting, parting together. Always thought fake oakleys, in order to meet the joy of parting, parting is to remind people to know how to cherish the present one. Thus, in each of you get together some time, I will be elated, I have a special treasure. Even just tens of minutes of the meeting, my thoughts were enough to chuckle.
If thoughts can pass through time and space around you will be surrounded by layers of care. Unfortunately, I know, Acacia to be interactive, caring people can only feel its presence. And you have been missing was surrounded by a feeling of suffocation?
Thinking about how you feel, like tasting a cup of aromatic tea, such as the appreciation of a beautiful picture, such as listening a moving song, such as a spicy drink bitter, salty ups and downs, joys doping, flavors and taste. Tonight, I will miss falling on the floor ... ...