Young people should pay attention to the problem with glasses

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  • October 18, 2011 7:50 PM PDT

Summer arrived, and parents want to use the holiday to their own children have vision problems coupled with the right glasses, to facilitate the child's life and future learning. Beijing Tongren optometry center experts point out that the first glasses the most important benefit is improved (corrected) vision, appearance and personality of the requirements are still followed. Experts point out that measuring the level of an optical shop glasses cheap gucci belts, to see the indicators in line with national standards under the premise of the possibility of "national standard" within the scope permitted under the wearer's habit of wearing glasses and the actual situation for
Manner, a more rational, individualized to the various indicators to determine and implement, there is often a big discrepancy. Summer students should pay attention to what glasses, Beijing Youth Daily reporter interviewed two eye specialists. Glasses reference as follows (adults can also be according to their preferences and eye health professionals recommend reference): Frame size not too big "Youth glasses, plastic frames and choose the best material lighter titanium frame, and frame size not too large, considering the premise of face width, frame size closer to the actual IPD eyes the better. "Beijing with
Jen optometry optometry center, said Wang Yu, director, "This can be avoided due to frame size is too large, resulting in an excessive amount of lens shift light heart, resulting in not wearing the prism effect." The best choice for the choice of lens resin lens more is very important. "Young people choose the best glasses, light weight, unbreakable resin lenses and if engaged in sports, the best choice for excellent impact resistance lenses PC (polycarbonate)." Wang Yu, director
Said, "This is in the developmental stages of young people in terms is very beneficial. Today, many kinds of resin lenses can be according to their eye refraction, etc., to choose the most suitable lens." Wang Jue Director noted that the general in terms of refraction in 3.00DS less, you can choose low-refractive index lenses (1.49,1.499,1.5,1.502), refraction
3.00DS ~ 5.00DS mens gucci belts, you can choose the middle refractive index of the lens (1.56,1.57), then the best choice over refraction in 5.00DS high refractive index lenses (1.6,
1.61,1.67,1.71,1.74). Especially the selection of high refractive index lenses, which not only allows the lens thickness than the same refractive lenses greatly reduce the low refractive index, and weight will be lighter. Other
Addition, all of the above plus the best choice for the refractive index of the lens antireflection coating. Because coated lenses can improve visual clarity, which can reduce visual fatigue. Of course, the choice of which lens should be based on affordability. On the lens, Deputy Director Wang particular to draw attention to the quality of the lens surface and internal flaws. As the low level of processing, present, many kinds of lenses often surface quality. The most common are surface finish
Poor, spiral and more, Huo Guang (ie, light jump), orange peel, pitting, scratches, streaks, chipping, etc. The surface quality in patients with refractive errors often result in visual distortion, blurring, dizziness, nausea and even heart condition. As the mirror
Poor quality of the surface film caused harm to the human eye, no less, several other indicators. Lens surface quality should be included in the scope of routine testing. The so-called surface quality, does not mean that we can be made with the naked eye visual
Now, so I chose to talk about credit, services, equipment excellent, excellent technical level optical shop glasses, it is particularly important. Dilation is necessary optometry optometry program is accurate or not, the decisive part of glasses, Beijing Tongren optometry center Zhu Bingru Director emphasized the need for dilation check. "Mydriatic effect is to block the cholinergic nerves of the iris sphincter and ciliary muscle stimulant, so that the pupil dilation and cycloplegia replica gucci belts, to adjust the muscle to rest, remove the ability to regulate itself, to make results more optometry accurate. "children with strabismus, amblyopia, hyperopia, and often need to select atropine mydriasis. Zhu Bingru Director explained that: "in the primary, due to strong regulation, if not dilated alone autorefractor measure the number of +1.00 DS, the
After dilation optometry degree by up to +3.00 DS about this error on the hyperopic amblyopia, less than therapeutic purposes, but will increase emphasis on fatigue, and headache and other symptoms. The case of myopia, cycloplegic refraction is not constant
There will be over-corrected visual acuity, but also add emphasis fatigue and other symptoms. "It is reported that conventional methods of optometry and optometry sub-master felt that he felt optometry two. Zhubing Ru officers remind parents and students that he felt the best use of retinoscopy optometry law." Retinoscopy method is an important and accurate method. By the optometrist using retinoscopy refraction lens detection of patients, according to the results, will be put on trial lens frame aggregate, so that patients with primary sleep validation, and make necessary corrections. "Cycloplegic refraction should sleep in the main by the second examination, and then prescribing glasses." Zhuzhu Ren said, "retinoscopy was seized by the law is not with the subjective feeling, but just by inspection by an objective examination of children , especially infants and young children, mental development
Education incomplete or have low vision, these people can not express the vision and not accurate enough, by retinoscopy optometry optometrist can do to make a few hearts, more accurately detected was seized by the refractive state. For example: birth before 11 months of the infant
Children, cataract surgery, neither can the computer refractometer test replica gucci belts, can not check with the optometrist vision, this case can only be used retinoscopy refraction method to determine his status as a doctor of optometry treatment of the exact data. Because
Therefore, this objective method is the simplest, most convenient, most accurate and most practical refraction method. "The experts pointed out that the correct approach should be an objective method of refraction with subjective methods, two methods against each other to find the actual line was seized by the refraction of the lens, as they are with out a high quality, qualified glasses.