Eye protection precautions and Do not they only beautiful and wearing colored contact lenses

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  • October 18, 2011 7:54 PM PDT

Eyes are very important for everyone, so we must pay attention to protection, to protect some of the relevant knowledge of the following excerpt, we want to help:
Do not for a long time mens gucci belts, "stare", the frequency of self-attention and full of blinking, blinking frequently can reduce eye exposure to the air in time to avoid the tear evaporation.
The air conditioning does not blow too long, to avoid air blowing on the seat and the seat placed near the tea, in order to increase the surrounding humidity. Eat a variety of fruits, especially citrus fruits, should eat more green vegetables, grain, fish and eggs. Drink plenty of water to alleviate dry eyes can also help.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep, do not stay up late. Avoid prolonged continuous operation computer, pay attention to rest, usually 1 hour continuous operation, rest 5 to 10 minutes. Rest can see far away or do eye exercises. Maintain a good working posture. Remain one of the most appropriate posture, eye gaze flat screen TV or slightly down, it will give the neck muscles relaxed, and make the eye area exposed to air is reduced to a minimum.
Adjust the screen from the position. Recommended distance of 50 to 70 cm, while the screen slightly below eye level position 10 to 20 cm, showing the next 15 to 20 degrees angle. Because of the angle and distance can reduce the demand for refractive reduce the risk of eye fatigue. If you would have less secretion of tears, eye dryness, in front of the computer is not suitable for use contact lenses to wear glasses. In front of the computer wearing contact lenses, it's best to use high oxygen species.

People over the age of 40, the best dual-focus lens, or when typing, wearing glasses with lower degree.
If there is eye redness, burning or foreign body sensation replica gucci belts, heavy eyelids, to see things blurred, even eye pain or headache, no noticeable improvement after the break, it would need the hospital.
The above information is for reference only, each person according to their actual situation and to adjust the eye rest is the key.

On the color contact lenses, black eyes can become blue, purple, green and other colors, so that the eye becomes more vivid, more beautiful, Recently, the heat is to wear colored contact lenses in many parts of the students and white-collar crowd the quietly popular. It is understood that the purchase of color hidden mostly students and white-collar workers, and mainly women. Colored contact lenses work sophisticated, often more expensive, consumers purchase the most fashionable for decorative or psychological. Colored contact lenses currently on the market mainly from South Korea, color contact lenses not only change the eye color, but also make pupil projections, it is particularly large eyes, it is particularly popular. Color contact lenses not only color, and color, three colors, and even the national flag, stars, snowflakes and other patterns. Recently, some women buy colored contact lenses just to become more prominent at Christmas. I think not to emulate! But experts tell us that the current market is not mature and colored contact lenses, glasses, various channels of varying quality. Some students to save money, blindly buy cheap color contact lenses, you may encounter and shoddy products. Color contact lenses compared to clear lenses will be even greater damage to the eyes, wearing inappropriate may cause conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions and other kinds of eye problems replica gucci sunglasses, severe eye may cause permanent damage and even blindness. I hope the majority of female friends wearing and buying contact lenses, should first check whether the eye hospitals for wearing contact lenses or glasses to the store of a formal qualification certificate optometrist, choose quality certification by the State for their own contact lenses.