You do not need to wear glasses with mild myopia and Myopia will not be inherited?

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  • October 18, 2011 7:58 PM PDT

Not long ago, in the optical shop met a young guests with glasses, her attitude seems dispensable for their eyes do not care, actually do not know wear glasses with mild myopia in the end good or better without glasses. So, I excerpt an article specially for your reference, these friends want to help!
Many parents believe that children had mild myopia can not be best not to wear glasses, wearing a prison cycle of fear can not afford. In fact, suffering from myopia to wear glasses, in addition to the correction of refractive visual clarity replica gucci sunglasses, another important role in the regulation is to prevent the eye caused by loss of balance and collection functions. Therefore, the risk of myopia, even if you are 300 degrees of mild myopia, as long as the affected eye has a collection of the balance of regulation and, in particular, that there is a hidden strabismus condition, must wear glasses to avoid regulation and collection of further unbalanced, over time the healthy development of the eye have a negative impact.
There are many parents believe that wearing glasses is easy to deepen the degree of myopia, it is good or not wearing glasses. This is actually a misunderstanding. If the pseudo-myopia, but also by easing regulation of the eye, to restore to normal. The true myopia, currently the best and safest correction method is to wear the right glasses, have yet to develop a good eye so as not to adversely affect. After wearing the glasses should pay attention to eye health, read and write, when to maintain good posture, do not be too long a time with the eyes, pay attention to the eyes of the rest, and increased outdoor activities, so that only a small part of the genetic myopia outside the general myopia, or can be prevented and controlled.

Myopia is a common eye disease, the incidence rate increased year after year, directly affect young people's healthy development.

Some people, they are myopic parents also; some parents are not myopic, then he put on the glasses. Some people choose a spouse, they fear love is short-sighted, will it hurt the children. This is short-sighted people are concerned about whether genetic problems.

See from the type of myopia. Myopia can be divided into two types, namely a high degree of myopia and regular myopic. Common myopia, also known as simple myopia onset from childhood to that very little progress after the age of 20, after wearing glasses can be corrected to normal vision, the degree of myopia at 600 degrees below normal. High myopia, also known as progressive myopia, myopia with simple eye another completely different, with age cheap gucci belts, eyes front and rear axles constantly extended, expanded back of the eye, the retina associated with retinal degenerative changes in context , after wearing glasses is difficult to correct to normal vision, vision been gradually decreased, as well as serious obstacles.

The findings from the analysis of eye disease, have a family history of myopia, family members, the occurrence rate of myopia than those without a family history of myopia is higher, indicating that the incidence of myopia and genetic to some extent. However, the occurrence of myopia and acquired by environmental factors, therefore, scholars now believe that myopia is polygenic, that is, patients with multiple disease-causing genes, but there are environmental factors, and this occurred in simple myopia is easy to see the phenomenon. Environmental factors include poor lighting, poor reading and work habits, such as prolonged reading and close work, regulation of the eye muscles in a constant state of tension contraction, thereby regulating the diminished capacity, and myopia. However, under the same conditions, not all people are myopia, myopia is not and some do close work, or rarely read books and newspapers. Visible, myopia is a common genetic and environmental effects.

For the high myopia is considered to be caused by autosomal recessive inheritance. That both parents are high myopia
Note: This refers to high myopia! Patients, their children suffer from a high incidence of myopia is 100% if the parents of a high degree of myopia replica gucci belts, the other is the gene carriers
Performance without myopia, high myopia is expected to occur in children, the rate is 50%; if both sides show no high myopia, but only gene carriers, the incidence of children with high myopia is 25%.