Children's Vision Care

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  • October 18, 2011 8:07 PM PDT

Visual mental development of children in a major sense. Through vision, children can understand the world around, understanding the properties of things, qualities and characteristics, and thus the visual brain development in children replica oakleys, cognitive development is essential. Therefore, parents should pay attention to children's visual development, protect the eyesight of children. To do this, we must start from the daily life, to give children the appropriate lighting conditions, so that the child's eyes have the opportunity to fully relax, while ensuring the child's nutrition, pay attention to eye health, regular good eye vision care, bring the child to child health department regularly checks the development of visual acuity and visual function of the situation, identify problems and timely treatment.

① To develop a child to read and write the correct posture, eye and the book should be maintained between about 30 cm distance. ② reading and writing, the light should be moderate, not too strong or too dark, at night or in low light environment, the lighting preferably 40 ~ 60W incandescent lamp, the upper left corner on the desk. This is because the softer incandescent light, excellent color performance, easy to adapt to the eye, preventing light is too strong or too dark caused by eye fatigue. Light should be left to the front shot, avoid hand shadows hinder the sight. ③ reading time not too long fake oakley sunglasses, every 40 to 50 minutes, and should rest for 10 to 15 minutes, eyes closed, or to a distance a few minutes or do eye exercises to prevent eye fatigue. ④ Do not see the writing is too small or obscure books, newspapers, writing not to write too. ⑤ education of children with the eye to correct irrational habits, such as lying on the table, head tilt to read or write, lying in bed reading, eating, when read in bright light or dim the lights, moonlight, reading, and In starting the car and walk to read, these bad habits will cause eye fatigue, reduce visual acuity.

⑥ actively participate in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness. Good or bad quality of the body and the occurrence of juvenile myopia are closely associated. For example, malnutrition, suffering from acute and chronic diseases, physical weakness, partial eclipse or greedy children sweets are common myopia.
So daily life of young people a reasonable diet with meat and vegetables, not a partial eclipse, and ensure the complete balanced nutrition. Weekdays to enhance physical activity, such as running, do Guangbo Cao, play, shuttlecock, etc. In addition fake oakleys, the prevention of myopia eye exercises also, a good way to self-care, the gap in reading and writing to do eye exercises to relieve eye fatigue played a role.