Long memories long (when start wound)

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  • November 24, 2011 7:24 PM PST
Long memories long (when start wound)

The first time to know the wild goose is in the school in the lodge will (then divide into classes), a coincidence, I thought no one in our class, to lock the door.Alas didn't expect a flying apsaras' pig ran up and ask me: you have the keys?I say: no, what will you do?The wild goose said: my bag and charger in it.Then open the window, want to jump in appearance.(you must have thought I didn't get her! Wrong!)I say: I help you get!The wild goose said no, (because I'm too fat, this is I just started ideas, who know later had to guess.......)Finally I just watched the wild goose jumped into class inside to (the last and I do not help her get, you scold!)
To begin with, I with "ah" sit togethermac cosmetics outlet, we also often pack crazy.Britain is a more as the championship.
As the days progressed, the teacher let me the conversion from "ah" position in the front of the wild goose to, to tell you the truth: in fact position is let us choose of, when I started with the "ah" or to sit together the first one, but due to "ah" living with sit together, so I had to move to the front of the wild goose sitting, this is also I like.So happy day beginning, I often see her head turns backwards, and talk to her, and finally often text messaging (know her phone is have a test, she thought I very much just call me to send message to her, and the final result I want to know my people know!).She began to say no when a brother, but I also just lack of a younger sister, so I unconsciously become her elder brother.In fact at that time have suggested that I like her, but she didn't know!One day we the class a group of people themselves * * * * to tourism, will have a far!Each 30 fast, I with her brother's name to help her out of the money.Pay for events become gossip, before I sit at the same table with the "ah" said me a few words of, let me have a period of time didn't "ah" speak.(see I am mean! This kind of character finally become the later IfeelingVery serious problem.)She told me the money back to me, and I said no.At last she said that go there again after buy anything for me.
And for the first time she travel far from home MAC Brushes Set, I took my digital camera) many of the photos, and of course I with her photographs.In that night we very late a lot of people about go out shopping, after come back playing checkers.She so put to buy anything to me to forget, but I was very happy.Don't know why!!!!!!!The second day is going to drive or ride a bus in the home, they go on a lift.And I talk to her in the hall scenes, just need not carefully in the I hurt her hand.It really is not careful, ah goose saw (home owner) said: you still in play here!!!!!Is going to go.When they are good friends, so she is still in there for a day.
I heard her say, hurt a girl's hands are very bad, that day I was a bit nervous, clockwork SMS to her, but she seems a little don't care, so I just didn't want to ask.After a few days, her hand left a scar.I asked her, that day I hurt her hand, she will stink?(for a girl is nothing more important than a wound) she said, it doesn't matter!I heard a little happy, then I joke that you later no one will I'll be liable.
Ah, now I actually really...Every day, boring, there is always secretly looking at her, I now find that reading her is a kind of said not to come out feeling, just also can send my accommodation boring time in school, and sometimes make mouth.
I think, this is not my begin...
  ChristmasSoon, and I asked her like???????I want to send to her.She said no.I said I was your elder brother directly, in a festival time didn't give you gift how line MAC Pencil?She later said that literally.(she is the pure personality!)I said that I bought the phone chain hoist to you!Is a pig!She also said that literally!soChristmasSection to the end!
In this period, goose already know I like the wild goose, a few times to suggest that to her.
Scar, an unintentional scars.I am really very happy, I did not know if she...