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  • A Wife Sued Her Husband Over Hidden Camera Snooping

    How do you really know your spouse? Are you completely sure that he or she hasn't been recording your every move with a hidden surveillance camera for every day? The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that is what Joseph Zang did to his wife, Catherine . Cath...
  • Choosing the right surveillance systems

    Selecting the right technology for your CCTV surveillance systems will depend on the nature of the location, as well as your specific safety objectives. At Kingeda, we offer a massive selection of technology, ensuring that we can provide a solution for...
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems

    In today's world, CCTV surveillance systems are vital for safety and security, so the right technology is essential. There are many things to consider, including the number of cameras needed, the cctv camera quality and the digital video recorder manag...
  • The Takedown of CCTV Cameras