Five people posing as police protection fees after

  • Depends on the identification of a suspect stabbed the dagger female boss (Figure provided by the police)

    Chengdu Hi-Tech Police smashed a criminal gang, five suspects XingJu

    long-term theft and stolen goods electric bicycle, forced admitted to shops that do not pay rent, the groups, to rely on a five-headed man, arrested for the crime of trouble,coach outlet store online, a formal criminal detention by the police. Yesterday, the high-tech police reporting the incident.

    not pay protection money to two women owners suffer

    open soon, the boss Min Lu saw three menacing figure familiar to go to the store, holding a pipe in her hand.

    Sure enough, not react, etc. Min Lu,Coach Outlet, one of the thin man on the speaker: the TV, doors and windows, sofas and other furniture while Bash, Min Lu was afraid, can only stand by and see this group of people smashed into massage parlors,coach outlet online store,

    this group of people go, they also put down viciously on the Min Lu sentence:

    Before Min Lu to store packed day around 1 pm, opposite the shop and another was hurt. Chen Qian female boss was

    This time, the man did not leave after the attack,coach handbags, but his finger with a knife to cut, the drop in blood drop by drop on the ground Chen Qian shop, while drops of blood while also saying: their number, I drop a lot of blood, drop to one hundred! Lai, 28 years old, and these people that bring out the name of the The reason they are looking for two stores in trouble, because the two female boss is

    strong protection fees 5 XingJu

    rely on a clamor in the , and in a police station and will soon rely on a

    After a preliminary investigation depends on a well four accomplices, all live in a paved side streets within the Fu River, and this group of people forced to stay from the beginning of this year the shops have not received their landlord rent.

    before October this year, this group of people to bike theft and stolen goods for a living. In addition to Lai a,coach outlet online, the other four men have a criminal record, the surrounding residents and businesses are afraid of them, so they are often the small shop in this street, a small supermarket spend twenty-three dollars to did not dare say anything.

    10 mid-May, depends on a Lai is actually a

    this way, began to rely on a range of from 50,100 to 200, And Min Lu and Chen Sin, has been reluctant to pay protection money that the two bosses.

    10 月 28 morning, the police deployed more than 50 high-tech police, and finally will return the remaining three temporary shops in one fell swoop Danghuo suspects and seized four steel pipes and knives and so on. At present, the case is still under investigation.

    (text victims were not his real name) West China City Daily reporter Liu Lu



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