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  • This place is expensive (I guess like most movie theaters nowadays) unless you have AMC movie passes. If not for the cheap movie passes I buy in bulk, I would not see movies here. AMC is finding so many ways to charge you extra for the same movie. Imax, Imax 3d, ETX, ETX 3d, BS, BS 3d. Okay, I made up the last two but GEEZ!!! This is ridiculous!! I went to go see a move in ETX 3d only because that was the only one showing in our time frame, and the movie ticket cost $18!! The employee told me ETX is a better sound quality and what not, However, all they do is increase the decibels to blow out your ear drums. My ears seriously hurt after that movie.

    Btw, the movie was incredible though.... but that had nothing to do with AMC.
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