Wash fresh potatoes karen millen stirring the meat with the broken machine with clean gauze Jizhi 


Wash fresh potatoes, stirring the meat karen millen with the broken machine with clean gauze karen millen dresses Jizhi, first in the

fire pot to karen millen for sale boil, then simmer, suffering, and when karen millen concentrated to viscous, by twice the amount outlet karen millen of honey,

stir, then roast outlet karen millen karen millen clothing simmer available to a paste, after cooling.

Directions: karen millen dresses 2011 empty stomach, 2 times daily, 1 tablespoon karen millen per 20 day cycle.

Effects: embolism karen millen dresses for gastric and duodenal ulcers. Treatment karen millen for sale do not eat chili, onions, garlic, alcohol karen millen and

spicy food.

In addition, outlet karen millen the stomach of poor people, we should note karen millen clothing the following points in the diet on the karen millen dresses 2011 "no":

do not eat too much, often karen millen karen millen clothing for small meals.

not karen millen dresses eat hot food cold, especially in the summer, karen millen for sale do not eat ice cream, cold beer, drinks;

karen millen do not drink or smoke;

do not eat outlet karen millen more pungent, like pepper, garlic, etc.;

karen millen clothing Do not eat foods that are hard to digest, karen millen dresses 2011 not to have to increase the burden on the karen millen stomach, such as

chives, pepper karen millen dresses and some people side effects, and boiled karen millen for sale corn; illuminated eat karen millen greasy, karen millen like seafood, lamb.

Winter, due to outlet karen millen the cold stimulation of the body, autonomic karen millen clothing dysfunction, disturbed the normal laws karen millen dresses 2011 of gastric

motility, simply a repetition of the stomach

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