Shark attack surfer

While waiting to catch a wave, professional surfer Kaleo Roberson fought off a 14-foot tiger shark Saturday by sticking his surfboard into its mouth and then hitting it twice with the board. Roberson was surfing 100 yards off Maalaea, Maui, with his twin 8-year-old sons and 6-year-old son when he saw a disturbance in the water at his left. “That’s what saved my life,” Roberson told GrindTV Outdoor in a phone interview. “I happened to be looking where it was coming from. It was splitting the water in a weird way.” Next thing he knew, a huge mouth opened in front of him. At first he thought it was a whale shark but soon realized it was much more dangerous. “The mouth was so big, and it was already open there was no time even to think,” Roberson told GrindTV. “It was just pure reaction to stick my board in its mouth.” Because Roberson was using a special, high-tech surfboard made of epoxy, the tiger shark was unable to bite a chunk out of it, leaving only teeth marks, as you can see in the photos.

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