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    July 11, 2019 10:03 PM PDT

    Vital Max Keto Therefore, in some preparations a decongestant agent is combined with a nourishing substance such as dexpanthenol . Such remedies can be used a little longer than the otherwise recommended three days in a row.Synthetic agents such as ambroxol, ACC or bromhexine, as well as herbal medicines, such as myrthol or cineole, can help liquefy tough secretions and promote drainage, reducing the risk of sinusitis.The natural function of the nasal mucosa can be supported by steam baths (eg with camomile) or nasal rinses . And finally, it makes sense to strengthen the immune system for its fight against the pathogens. At up to 100 km / h, the air is forced out of the lungs: this hurricane is intended to transport mucus, foreign bodies and pathogens out of the airways. Coughing is an important protective reflex - but unpleasant. That's how you treat it properly.Coughing is not a disease in itself, but a protective reflex that helps the body to get rid of unwanted substances from the airways.