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    These horses do not belong in congested city traffic. They should be in sanctuaries where they will have open space to move and proper care.

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  • Posted: December 17, 2011
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In 2007, then Council Member Tony Avella introduced an historic bill into the NY City Council to ban the horse-drawn carriage industry in NYC because it was inhumane and unsafe.  Because of political connections between the Administration, Council leadership and the industry, the bill did not move forward.

Now NYS Senator Tony Avella and Asssemblymember Linda Rosenthal have introduced a similar bill into the New York State legislature  -- very similar to the original one – which would prohibit the operation of horse-drawn cabs in the City of New York.  The bill would also save the horses from the slaughter auctions.

We hope that this bill will now stand a better chance, away from the strong political influence the small industry has in New York City.  Please sign this petition, which would send a letter  to your state Senator and Assemblymember.

If you live outside New York State, your  letter will be sent to the heads of the CITIES  committee and to Senator Avella and Assemblymember Rosenthal.


Would you support this bill?