EzTalks Onion Shines 2016 Clouds Congress, opens the video conferencing intelligent hardware era

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EzTalks Onion Shines 2016 Clouds Congress, opens the video conferencing intelligent hardware era

Recently, one of the world's largest science and technology event - Yunqi Conference successfully ended, from 58 countries and regions, more than 40,000 science and technology elite live participants, more than 7 million people online viewing live conference, from around the world 400 technology companies show cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, dry goods full. Many media attention to the General Assembly, the whole report.

EzTalks was invited to attend the event and released the first cloud conference smart hardware at the conference. As a subversion of the traditional video conferencing products, ezTalks Onion has a unique six-in-one lightweight design, high-definition large-angle video images, 1 minute installation and deployment, 3 minutes to use and other features, open video conferencing has become as simple as calling, So that users completely bid farewell to the traditional video conferencing complex, difficult to use.

"0 yuan purchase, hardware free", 299 / month pricing, so that the traditional video conference that unattainable deployment costs become the past. Without the need for professional IT staff management and maintenance, and truly help users spend money on the blade, spent on video conferencing services.

During the show, ezTalks Onion also attracted a number of participants in the media and customer attention. Hangzhou TV, Sina, flying as the network, the Internet, CCID, computer newspaper, daily business newspaper and other media on the ezTalks Onion for a special report. Among them, Hangzhou TV station on the ezTalks also conducted an exclusive interview.

IDC predicts that the next five years, China's online conference market will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum, cloud "video" will become a lot of information business system in a capacity, can be invoked at any time by the application, the future growth space will be far Higher than the traditional hardware video conferencing, cloud video conferencing will be applied to more and more applications in the scene.

This time, ezTalks Onion release to the outside world, the future of video conferencing terminal will be integrated, anyone will use, anyone can afford the product. At the same time, to connect the cloud, to provide users with anytime, anywhere service.


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