ezTalks: Introducing videoconferencing APPs to increase efficiency

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ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is one of the top most live meeting service used and it is the best. It has high definition audio and video quality for you. It allows up to 100-member live meeting with free of charge. Once you sign up with ezTalks, you will enjoy a limited version with its features completely free, but if you want a full version, it will cost you $12.99 per month for every user.

With ezTalk's software you will be able to enjoy video conferencing, screen sharing and audio conferencing, text messaging, recording and playing and it is applicable on any Android and iOS devices, Windows and Mac computer as well.

3. Adobe Connect: from videoconferencing to e-learning
With a clean, high-quality application, Adobe Connect integrates three software solutions to fit your business needs. Adobe Connect Meeting allows you to create real videoconferences with up to 100 people, Adobe Connect Learning allows you to organize e-learning for 200 employees simultaneously, and Adobe Webseminar makes it possible to organize web seminars for 1500 people.

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In order to exchange your information on a secure cloud system, Adobe Connect rates are only available on quotation.

Adobe Connect website
4. GoToMeeting: video conferencing for all businesses
As a videoconferencing solution for the Citrix Group, GoToMeeting is like an MSN window, making the meeting very simple to voip app Offering simple features, the advantage of this application is to offer packages adaptable to all types of companies for very attractive prices ranging from 24 to 49 € / month for a number of contacts ranging from 5 to 1000 according to the Chosen video chat

1. Skype: the unmissable
Also available in free versions, Skype Enterprise allows to create videoconferences for 250 people at the same time (against 25 in free version). With a minimum cost of € 1.70 / month / user, a full version integrates with the Office 365 software and costs between € 4.20 and € 10.50 / month / user. The latter includes, among other things, 24/7 telephone support.teamviewer alternative

As a software developer, Windows is committed to ensuring the security of your information. The system of conservation of these on the Cloud and Pack Office makes it a must.voip app

Skype Website
2. Cisco Webex: The Pro Solution
If it exists in free version, the Webex application developed by the Cisco group is mainly intended for companies unlike its competitor Skype. Less powerful on paper since it only allows to manage 100 people in videoconference, the software is yet simple and effective. It allows you to exchange documents during meetings, to record them or to plan group video

Available on all mobile devices, count between 19 € and 69 € / month / meeting organizer according to the level of service desired for a guarantee always guaranteed.

Website of Webex

The application also exists in mobile format whether it is on IOS, Android or Windows. However, for these attractive rates, the offer remains rather basic.

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