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As a representative tool for network informationization, videoconferencing has been involved in the education market for a long time and has now evolved into an indispensable part of the networked classroom. Video conferencing continues to provide a broader platform for videoconferencing education market.
"Internet + Education" help learning, education, two-way increase!
With the advent of the Internet age, the impact of the Internet on education is also far-reaching. The Internet has expanded the extension of education time and space, provided a new carrier for education fairness, and at the same time changed the mode of preaching, giving lessons and doubts for thousands of years and set up a new "three feet podium" and the "Internet + Education "has become the trend of the times.

The so-called "Internet + Education" simply means using information and communication technologies and Internet platforms to deeply integrate the Internet with the traditional education and education sectors so as to achieve an all-round reform of the traditional education model. Distance education, as a typical application mode of video conferencing in the field of education, creates an educational platform that spans time and space and effectively makes up for the shackles of geography and time in traditional education. Against the backdrop of the serious imbalance of educational resources in our country, this can be described as a A good medicine. For example, classrooms and students in remote mountainous areas can join the classrooms of key schools by means of online classrooms. Through interactive exchanges, they can both improve their educational abilities and learning experiences.
Diversified video applications, into the core market drivers!
However, under the model of "Internet + Education", the penetration of the Internet into the field of education is no longer limited to distance education and teacher training. Therefore, the application of video conferencing in education is also more diversified. In-depth education management in schools is outstanding typical. In practice, with the help of the school video conferencing system, not only can students and teachers have more flexible communication between classes, but also timely communication between teachers and parents so that schools and parents can achieve a more tacit understanding of common education. Moreover, the school video conferencing system can also be with the school's video surveillance system, digital signage system interoperability, to create a true information-based campus education model.
The increasingly diversified applications make the practical value of video conferencing in the field of education rapidly increase, and the market potential is greatly increased. For video conferencing companies, the expansion of the Internet education market has become the core driver of performance growth.
Integrated video conferencing transformation services, challenges and opportunities!
But everything has a double-sided, favorable advantages and disadvantages! The diversification of videoconferencing education application provides a broader space for growth for practitioners and puts forward higher requirements for the solution innovation capability of relevant enterprises.
Today, the core technology of video conferencing has matured, just from the hardware level, the products on the market are similar, therefore, to meet the increasingly diverse application needs of users in the education industry, the test is the solution of the video conference enterprise innovation Ability, and enterprises want to respond effectively, not only have solid professional knowledge, but also has a wealth of industry experience, integrated services capabilities has become the key to market competition.
The current video conferencing industry, integrated services transformation has become the consensus of the industry's enterprises, and for the expansion of the education market, it is the development of the industry highly meet the trend. It is foreseeable that taking the promotion of application of education industry as an opportunity, the video conferencing industry is bound to further accelerate the transformation. In this process, the survival of the fittest is inevitable. For the enterprise, it can be said that the opportunities and challenges coexist.
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